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What I’m Learning Rebranding A 60-Year-Old Company

One of our clients is rebranding their 60-year-old, multi-million dollar company and we are giving them a helping hand. Super grateful for this opportunity of carrying and evolving a family legacy. This project is comprised of a range of more than 140 products and grows into so many other layers -the website, a considerable fleet of vehicles, brand collateral and more. A huge thing – which will take months.

This experience, in particular, is teaching me that people often get attached to what they knowlogos, websites or brand positioning, however, it’s the great owners that know when it is time to evolve and realise the value that comes with reinventing and refreshing Madonna- style.

Evolving touches everyone in the company, internal and external stakeholders, it is a very complex and layered process that needs to be handled in an organised step-by-step process like you are babysitting someone’s baby. I know full well I’d never drop that baby.

My clients are incredible because week after week they are giving us the patience and help needed to get this job done – well. If you want your rebranding to be a success rushing the whole thing just doesn’t work. You need time and the team working on the project needs time. It needs to be a marriage of your DNA and the team’s ability to pull it off.

It is very important to dig REALLY deep to move forward, to look at other industries, to check out how digital will affect the brand and brand experience.  This examination will help you in the long run. It is also crucial for the firm to offer tangible recommendations to the clients – to bring unusual designs, out of the box ideas to them – to challenge them and hold their hand. Pushing this process – based on marketplace info and consumer understanding – leads to incredible growth.

In the end, when the right decision is made – everyone grows. We’ve still got a few weeks to go but I am sure I will learn more and more along the way.

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