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What Gets Us Out Of Bed In The Morning

My team and I strongly believe that SMEs are the lifeblood of the economy. Each and every one of the clients we have worked with has one thing in commonan innate passion for what they do. This is extremely admirable of one’s character and I have grown to become passionate to meet entrepreneurs who’ve been grinding for 15, 20 or 40 years and help them. On a personal level, I find intrinsically rewarding to help a business that has extreme care for their product and customers.  My parents are part of this niche, and may be somehow – I see a small part of mam and pap in all this.

Our team has a unified passion for doing the right thing. This passion is purely derived from the passion our clients have with their own businesses. In the past, we have actually denied corporate work because we prefer working directly with a company’s ownersomeone who cares for their own business down to their core.  We’ve bent that rule a few times but overall SMEs are where it’s at and what we are passionate about in a manic sort of way. We get inspired by the stories we hear from the owners who treat us to lunch or a private tour of their facilities and in return – we want to go above and beyond to make them happy. Anyone who does not have the passion cannot keep up with the insane level of detail we go to and drops out usually after a few weeks – and that’s fine because that’s the culture we want – it’s the passion that drives our motivation. We really do all that we can to help them reach their full potential because we firmly believe that they deserve nothing short of that, at some stage in their business they were a dreamer and an underdog and we love that.  That sort of passion cannot be invented, it’s very tangible.

The majority of our clients are not in their 20s or 30s and have been in business for a number of years. They often struggle to keep up with the capabilities of modern technology and how it can be used as a tool for marketing – this whole content generation thing seems difficult, intricate and incredibly time consuming to them.   We believe that it is our duty to somewhat make their experiences easier and more productive whilst they navigate the digital era and hopefully somewhere in this big puzzle – if we’ve made a humble impact, our job is done.

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