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Do Yourself And Your Company A Favour: Fire Any Unreliable Marketing Providers

One of the most frustrating things an SME can experience is working with an unreliable marketing provider. The whole process feels like throwing tennis balls into a black hole. Working with someone who you always need to nag and chase around can take its mental tollnot to mention the precious time you will lose from relying on someone who fails to meet deadlines. The domino effect of working with an unreliable marketing provider can steer your company in a direction that is tough to recover from. After dealing with someone who ends up costing your company a hefty expense, yet brings slim to no results to the table, can lead you to become sceptical or doubtful of how to execute and I get it – we are all human.

That being said, there are some tell-tale signs that indicate if your marketing provider is unreliable, so you can nip the problem in the bud before things get worse. If you find that they are unreachable or constantly making mistakes, you are dealing with someone that deserves to be fired. Another sign is if you must pay for your IP and they fail to deliver on time MORE THAN ONCE. Sometimes shit happens and a deadline isn’t met, but if your marketing provider either does this repeatedly or fails to hold themselves accountable for missing a deadline, you should fire them as they are a liability to your business.  In today’s marketplace, you need to navigate the digital arena day in day out and if you have someone unreliable to help you be David vs the Goliath of the ever – changing platforms – well let’s just say – you are not about to cross the finish line anytime soon.

In the upcoming weeks, I am going to release a piece about each persona we’ve come across based on conversations with our clients and research we’ve done on a media piece about horror stories small business owners have had with unreliable marketing providers. The amount of unethical and dishonest behaviour we heard about was gut wrenching and needs to be publicised to fix this issue our industry has. I will introduce you to The Disappearer, The Hand-Cuffer, The Scammer, The Guru, and The Over-Chargereach with concrete examples displaying their behaviour from the horror stories we’ve received.  

If you feel your company has had a bad experience with an unreliable marketing provider, feel free to contact us sharing your story, or follow me for the next series.

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