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The Poo Emoji Era | Established companies need to become “younger”

A realisation about the current state of the marketplace is that everyone is adopting younger behaviours than their normal age and making decisions from content they consume on their phones.

I often hear business owners say things along the lines of:

“We will work on smartphones later.”

“I’m not sure my customers are there.”

“My old shitty website is fine.”

“We’ve been investing in print and we don’t have time for digital.”

“My nephew is doing it for us.”

The reality of the situation is:

It would be a great idea to work on smartphones NOW.

The customers ARE there (digitally).

Your old shitty website needs to be UPDATED.

Investing in digital advertising will reach a LARGER audience.

Your nephew may not be the best candidate for this job.

Small business owners have the responsibility to come to terms with the current state of the marketplace and it is imperative that they do so. Even if your business is targeting an older audience, you must keep in mind that your market is adopting the behaviours of younger people. For example, the most active segment on one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram, is that of 40-year-old women posting ‘selfies’! This goes to show that what used to be perceived as a predominantly younger trend has evolved into a social norm for all ages. Even my Mum, who lives in my homeland, Mauritius (let’s just say our internet is not the fastest), sends me poop emojis when she has had a bad experience. Two years ago, my Mum would have thought the word “emoji” was some type of fruit or berry. The point being, everyone these days is using a smartphone and adopting the culture that comes with it.

We live in an era where any and everything can be shared instantly. Pretty much all information is accessible online and the majority of information is consumed on a mobile device.

The reality of the era we are living in is mainly comprised of ‘selfies’ taken by 40-year-old women, emojis at the end of every text message, and instantaneous communication 24/7. What used to be perceived as young behaviour has transformed into a global norm for people of all ages and this is definitely the direction that business is going in now. Ignoring this fact means losing vital opportunities in the marketplace.

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