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Community management – what is it and why SMEs should be paying attention

For most of our clients, the idea of paying a team to manage their Facebook page was ludicrous and it has taken many rounds of convincing for our team to now manage pages with thousands of fans who weren’t being taken care of. The investment of an experienced community manager, rather than a receptionist is an important one.   SMEs with a product who struggle with managing customer service tend to lack an understanding of our current era, what I like to call the era of responsiveness.  Facebook has recently added a feature that allows businesses to directly chat with their followers and customers seeking attention are no longer calling the reception, rather sending direct messages or leaving comments like:

“Hey, are you open today?”

“Where can I buy this product?”

“I had a really bad experience today.”

“Your packaging broke when I got my product.”

What many SMEs need to realise is that their customers are expecting an immediate answer to these questions and if they do not provide an instant response, they will lose on sales and customer satisfaction. The power of technology is at a point where the world is operating 24 hours, 7 days a week, which can make or break a company.

Respect the attention of your audience— do not take it for granted – those likes and shares are from real people with real purchasing power. Competition is fierce and  SMEs with a solid grasp of the current landscape will inevitably win.

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