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Everyone needs to pay MORE attention to mobile

Hand-written mail has evolved to e-mail.  In-store commerce has almost completely transformed to e-commerce.  Computers have shrunk down to a pocket size device held by the majority of the human population.  The world is becoming mobilised right in front of our eyes, and it is important for SMEs to grasp the importance of this.

Nowadays, people make decisions based off of information they consume online, particularly from mobile phones.  Surfing the internet on a mobile is far different than browsing on a desktop and it is imperative that companies ensure that their mobile platform is up to date. The context is different – smartphones are everywhere with us – all the time.  That’s just the brutal truth.  Your mobile site should be just as good, if not better, than your desktop site.  Blocking mobile consumption from your customers is a huge weakness in today’s economy. So that static site which you thought is not that urgent to change – well it’s a pretty big deal.

As the trend of people making their decisions based from the information they consume via mobile devices continues to grow, I believe that it is important to analyse all the factors involved. We need to be in a place where we start to debate context on information, rather than just the information alone.

In simpler terms, we should discuss the best way to convey information in the eyes of the consumer, rather than purely the content itself.  I am sure there are plenty of non-responsive sites out there with great information, yet those SMEs (and sometimes corporates) do not fully understand how their customers digest this information. I find that if I need to zoom onto a part of any site or my fingers struggle to navigate the buttons and icons, I am out. Life’s too busy to bother with businesses that make it hard for me to make a decision.

Mobile is here to stay and will get more and more complex as our phones evolve into deeper realms of technology.

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